History. Place. Address. View.

One of the almost forgotten jewels from the beginning of the last century in Prague – Malvazinky comes back to life. The complete refurbishment of the Art Nouveau villa with four luxury residencies has begun at spring 2020. Combining timeless architecture with modern refurbishment techniques, breathtaking views, terraced garden, modern and sumptuous interiors – all this and much more makes living at this address a unique and everlasting experience. Join us in a place where history blends with modernity and which creates whole new story about you and your home. Thus, the story of Villa Nuova becomes your story. Welcome to a new way of living.

Project finalized,
apartments ready to move in

soukromá zahrada
citlivé propojení
s historickými prvky
a moderními standardy
nekonečný výhled
unikátní panorama
smart home
dálkové ovládání domácnosti
nesrovnatelně nízké
provozní náklady
energeticky úsporná budova
včetně míst u chodníku


Astute architectural concepts and also modern construction methods and finishes provide the property with high-level design and user value and will thrill you with their timelessness.

This unique property demands a special approach and precisely for this reason special attention and care have been given to each tiny detail. The careful interconnection of the original villa’s historic features with contemporary standards and the unique architectural style of renowned architects – including architect studio led by Eva Jiřičná and Petr Vágner (AI DESIGN) – will not only fulfil, but also in many ways exceed your ideas about exceptional housing.

Top-quality construction, sophisticated floorplans for spacious apartments, large-format windows and glass walls, representative living spaces with unbelievable views of Prague, together with an expertly-designed garden allowing space for meetings and relaxation – all this is indicative of the high standard of living in Villa Nuova. Standards just as high as your own when it comes to finding a new apartment.


Villa Nuova ofer four spacies apartments



Accept our invitation to walk through Malvazinky and Santoška, a traditional villa district in Prague 5’s Smíchov area. The Malvazinky area is named after onetime Malá Strana resident, Tomáš Malvazy. It was founded in 1628 as a private manor with expansive vineyards: this because of its east-facing views over Prague that covered it in sunlight.

Nad Santoškou Street will lead you to the Santoška Garden with the remains of its original manor and an extensive park full of majestic trees, its partially maintained Baroque reliefs and its forest playground for children. The same street will further guide you to the lookout point Paví vrch with its dominant historic building, Kruliš Villa.

Over the past centuries, many residential mansions and villas were built in the area. This quiet residential neighborhood is accessible by public bus transport which can be used to get to the Anděl metro (subway) station just four minutes away. There is a kindergarten and an elementary school close by; as well as the Nikolajka winter sports stadium and the Malvazinky rehabilitation clinic. The area’s biggest asset is that, in addition to being accessible from – and also to – all directions, it has exquisite views of all of Prague from many nearby vantage points.

Company Malvazinky 1420 a.s. is managed by a team with a extensive track record in all sorts of demanding real estate projects. They are investing years of know-how and acquired experiences in the preparation of this project in order to conceive an unique, very upscale residencies that will satisfy even the most demanding local or foreign clientele, bar none.

Exceptional properties require excellent care and representation. That is why Philip & Frank has become the exclusive real estate agency as they do deliver extraordinary services and diligence. A team of seasoned and capable people under the leadership of Filip Šejvl are at your disposal and will provide you with all the necessary information that will lead you to the same passion for Villa Nuova that they fell in to.